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About us

We are Ortosoft, a team that uses their knowledge and experience in developing projects, which will improve the work of our Customers. We specialize in creating desktop applications, particularly in 3D graphics software.

Software that best fits your company’s needs

We create highest-quality programs that are reliable and have a transparent interface. Cooperation with Ortosoft will provide you with a program, which will help in your everyday work and solve any problems you have encountered. We guarantee that the final effect will meet all your expectations.

Our offer includes developing the software, as well as IT project management, manual and automatic testing and creating application guides. Our products can be used with various operating systems. Our programs are based on the C++ language. We believe that its simple and legible code will guarantee the safety and functionality of your application.

Our Customers value the simplicity of our programs. Modern graphical user interface developed by Ortosoft is both simple and efficient. We use Qt and wxWidgets, libraries that allow us to create a dedicated software for various graphical environments.

Why Ortosoft? – software and business partnership

In the past few years we provided solutions to Customers all over the world. They called our team experts in software and 3D graphics and our programs „functional digital works of art”.

Ortosoft is here to help you.

Apart from the software, testing and IT project management, we offer you our long years of experience and know how. The model of business partnership helps us meet all your expectations.

These are the technologies we use every day: